Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01 Reviews

kendal professional hb sf01The Kendal beauty product line is wide and varying, with uses for all parts of your body. They are all trusted products, and many people rely upon the Kendal brand to always provide the highest quality products. Many people look to see if Kendal offers a particular product before even completing a general search. One of their most popular lines are the skin care products and microdermabrasion units. In this review, we will be reviewing the product features, value, and customer reviews for the well-received Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01.

Product Features

The most important feature of this model is the diamond heads that are used to complete the microdermabrasion process. They are always sterile and clean when shipped, and are guaranteed to peel and rub off the outermost layers of dead skin cells and dirt from your face. The suction is strong and reliable to vacuum the debris from your face, making cleaning up much easier, even for the messiest users. The unit comes with 9 diamond tips with varying sizes and levels of coarseness. This allows users the most control over their scrubs, with smaller heads being better for certain areas of your face that larger heads are not optimized for, just as coarser tips will be better for different parts of your face rather than softer tips. It all depends on the user.

Everything has stainless steel handles, which will be longer lasting and will not rust or corrode after prolonged use. All of the materials are crystal free, with diamonds being better for your skin health.

Customer Reviews

Almost all reviews of this product are positive, and many customers would recommend this to family or friends. Others have actually purchased this as a present for others after seeing the results it had on their own skin. Diamond tip heads are more affordable than crystal heads, and are better for your skin, as many customers applaud in their reviews.

The diamond tip makes All the difference according to most people. Some complained that the when they previously used a crystal tip that their results were inconsistent, clogging pores and making skin feel worse than before. However, once they switched to this unit, the Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01, they found that the diamonds provided much better results without any of the pain of a crystal tip device. Skin is smoother, pores are smaller, blackheads are eliminated, and many people see that their wrinkles and other skin blemishes are greatly reduced.

People are pleased at the power of the suction, which is strong enough to prevent debris from becoming reclogged into your pores, but does not damage your skin in the process. It helps those with bad acne, large pore, and blackheads reduce the appearance of these things, while preventing the build-up that causes them. Customers are pleased at the high quality of the materials, which promote a long lasting unit. For anyone who has needed to call customer service for any reason, they have applauded how easy it was to deal with the customer service representatives, and how quickly their problem was addressed and resolved.