Rejuvaderm MD Microdermabrasion Kit Reviews

rejuvaderm md kitTrophySkin is one of the leading providers of skin healthcare products, and has been proven to be a brand that can be trusted and relied upon for the best results. They provide a variety of tools, creams, and more to help improve the health of your skin overall. Rather than just give you a product that will make your skin look healthy, they are committed to making your skin become healthier. In this article, we will go over the product features of the Rejuvaderm MD Microdermabrasion Kit, and how previous customers liked or disliked the product.

Product Features
The Rejuvaderm MD Microdermabrasion Kit’s most important feature is the dual action exfoliation and extraction capabilities. It uses a diamond tip to exfoliate the skin, with a suction vacuum that extracts the skin and other debris from your skin. The diamond material is meant to be a sturdier and longer lasting material, with the same capabilities that the professionals at a spa or a dermatologist would use. The vacuum has multiple speeds, giving the user maximum control over the removal of the dead skin cells, dirt, and other build up the diamond tip removed from your skin.

This model is not only marketed for those who want to use it for their face. It has the ability to be used all over your body. It can be used on your face, your chest, hands, feet, and even on your stretch marks. It is a versatile unit that can be used for any problem areas on your body.

The kit also has the ability to be a 3 in 1 exfoliator, extractor, and infuser. You can buy the additional creams and serums from TrophySkin and add an extra layer of protection and beauty.

Customer Reviews
When reading customer reviews of this product, it is very hard to find something that is wrong with this machine that was not a simple defective mistake with the machine. Customers say that the instructions are easy to follow, and are not complex, whether for beginners or for expert users Some users had sensitive skin, and had reported trying many different machines and products in order to find something that would not drastically affect their skin, and found that the Rejuvaderm MD Microdermabrasion kit was one of the easiest machines on their skin.

When customers have received defective units, they all write and rave about the ease and friendliness of the customer service representatives. They appreciated that every problem was addressed quickly and efficiently, and new units were sent out quickly to replace ones that could not be repaired.

In terms of actual results, customers love the kit. It has been a long lasting unit, lasting far longer than any of the customers who review the product could have expected. Every use customers see a distinct change in their skin, almost always for the best. Many people claim that they receive the same results from this unit than from going to a dermatologist or the spa. It feels gentle on the face, but remains an effective tool in skin healthcare for many customers.